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About A'Sauni McClure


Designing Suga Water (2021) on a foundation of quality and passion, A'Sauni McClure is a 9-year-old serial entrepreneur who has already left lasting marks across the beverage and beauty industries. As a powerhouse leader with big visions, A'Sauni has broken through various glass ceilings since the start of her entrepreneurial journey back in 2020 and has proven that anyone (at any age) can transform their goals into realities if they truly set their heart and mind to it.


Born and raised with a rooted mindset that anything is possible, it didn’t take long for A'Sauni to discover her love for the business world. Intertwining that with her passion for beauty, it ultimately inspired her to launch Reignlipgloss.com in 2020 to help accentuate the industry as a whole. After getting a taste of the invigorating entrepreneurial life and seeing her success with Reign, Inc., A'Sauni decided to venture down that path again, only this time to fulfill her love for quality lemonade.


With the help of her parents and after extensive research for chemists, manufacturers and distributors, Suga Water was finally ready. Comprising several different lemonade flavors and a fruit punch, Suga Water quickly went viral across social platforms - receiving over 4,000 likes, 269 comments, and 6,400 shares during the very first stock launch. In addition, the brand also gained media attention, resulting in a local radio station interview (Sept 13th, 2021) about this young entrepreneur's newfound beverage empire.


As a young entrepreneur fueled by creation and growth, nothing makes A'Sauni and her family happier than being able to instill positive change across the granular and societal scales. Going from a blueprint concept to a thriving brand with independent bulk manufacturing, the team takes pride in being able to develop the perfect tasting beverages that make rehydrating a one-of-a-kind experience. Overall, from A'Sauni’s innovative mind, her dad Charles’s strong marketing/branding work, her mom Tamara's multi-angled legwork dedications, and the help of their lemonade concentrate product provider, Suga Water inevitably gained fast-rising success in record time. And the best part is that the brand and devoted team have just gotten started.


We take pride in the superior quality of our products and our unparalleled customer service gives us a unique edge. Our brand is focused on providing value to our beloved customers and their hard-earned trust is everything for us. Our mission is to consistently improve our value proposition and serve our customers on a higher level. We rigorously process the input from our feedback loops and immediately deploy it to provide you with better solutions.